NSK Anigro Capsules 30s

NSK Anigro Capsules 30s


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Anigro Capsules contains natural extracts like AnaGain™, Saw Palmetto and Amino Acid complex which helps in controlling thinning of hair and hair loss in both men and women

AnaGain™, which is based on organic pea sprouts stimulates specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla required to reactivate hair growth.

Saw Palmetto:

  • Inhibits DHT production; Inhibits the binding of DHT to its cell receptors; & promotes the breakdown of DHT. Reduce 5-alpha-reducase activity.
  • Control hair loss in both men and women

Anigro Benefits

  • Anigro Fight safely and effectively thinning hair and Hair loss in Men and Women
  • Anigro Stimulates Hair growth at the dermal papilla
  • Promotes fuller , healthy and thicker hair growth
  • Prevent hair loss in women & Men
  • Is an effective remedy against Male pattern baldness
  • Anigro nourishes hair follicles and also maintains the hair pigments

Result showed that after 3 months treatment with Anagain

  • 85% of the volunteers noticed a slight to strong regrowth of their hair
  • 95% of the Volunteers noticed a slight to strong deceleration of their hair loss
  • 80% of the Volunteers found their hair less breakable
  • 70% of the volunteers found their hair more resistant
  • 95% of the volunteers noticed a slight to strong improvement in the look of their hair.
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