LX Lexia Hydrating Drop Moist Gel

LX Lexia Hydrating Drop Moist Gel


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Product Description

Hydration means water. One needs to be hydrated to maintain health. This simply refers to good looks and being healthy. Naturally, the human body is built up in such a way that it has barriers to hold water. The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of skin which is made up of Corneocytes (dead skin cells) that have a brick-like setup.

LX Lexia introduced a new range of hydrating Drop Moist Gel that gives a complete skincare pack to one’s skin by keeping skin hydrated and providing other benefits.

LX Lexia’s Hydrating Drop Moist Gel Retains skin moisture for up to 48 hours, it inhibits extract of PATCH 20. A moisturizing compound is infused into the inner network, which progressively releases moisture over 48 hours. The result may be seen with just one application. The latest technique utilized to produce molecules of Hyaluronic acid is Ultra Filling Spheres, a vital and licensed ingredient. Lexia Hydrating Drop Moist Gel has shown to be quite beneficial to people all over the world. With the innovation of 3 firm former that works together as micro molecule network are layered at multiple times to effectively prevent the skin from losing water and locks the skin to stay moist at all times. The inner network is filled with the moisturizing complex that slowly releases the moisture in 48 hours. The result can be felt with just one application. The latest technology used to build molecules of Hyaluronic acid is the innovation of Ultra Filling Spheres, a key and licensed ingredient. It assists in smoothening the skin, lightens fine lines, giving moisture to the skin making it look fresh and bouncy.


Benefits of LX Lexia Hydrating Drop Moist Gel

  • Fills water to the skin. Maintains moisture after application until 48 hour
  • For all skin types and gender. Suitable for 15 years up
  • Not causing the skin to be clogged
  • Doesn’t cause acne
  • People with acne and delicate skin can use the product
  • For healthier skin. Reduce inflammation
  • Reduces skin burn after sun exposure
  • Has anti-aging effects and repairs skin


Key Ingredients for Lexia Hydrating Drop Moist Gel

  • Ultra Filling Spheres: a unique and licensed ingredient using the latest technology to build molecules.
  • Dragon’s Blood: a natural ingredient derived from the Dragon blood tree. It is an anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, and regenerating extract. It protects the skin from free radicals ,slowing the aging process. It heals damaged skin and stimulates collagen and elastin production for anti-oxidant protection.
  • Includes many agents that fill the skin with moist such as urea allantoin glycerin and propylene glycol making the skin full with water, not making the skin blocked
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate Extract, also known as Glycyrrhetic acid, is a Licorice extract that acts as a shield to protect the skin from various particles. It revitalises the skin by reducing skin allergies and redness.
  • Bisabolol : Extracted from the chamomile flower, it has anti-aging properties and helps in skin repair. It’s also useful for reducing irritation and inflammation. It combats the main causes of acne, bacteria, and fungus.


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