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MeLine range

MELINE is the first and only product line specialising in all types of hyperpigmentation, whether the body is directly or indirectly affected by pigmentation disorders.

It is suitable for any type of pigment or body part. To achieve the desired result as a dermatological specialist, the products and treatments require experience and special knowledge.


Treatment of different types of pigment spots: melasma, pregnancy mask, brown spots…

Depigmenting day cream for skin types IV – VI (according to the Fitzpatrick method)

Its dermocosmetic depigmenting active ingredients have a high skin tolerance. They reduce spots and delay their appearance. They delay the photo-aging cell cycle.

The combination of its active ingredients inhibits the metabolic activity of the tyrosinase enzyme. Use for a maximum of three months, in order to have a very limited cytotoxic activity. Dissolves and reduces epidermal melanin deposits and stimulates keratinocyte cell renewal.



Concentrated depigmenting serum for daytime use for phototypical skins IV-VI.
– Improves and delays the appearance of skin pigmentations.
– Reduces melanin deposits and melasma

– The combination of different active ingredients allows a strong inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process.

– Melasma / Chloasma treatment,

– Hyperpigmentation under medical supervision.

– Age spots.

– Treatment of different types of pigmentation spots: melasma or pregnancy mask, diffuse brown spots.

– The depigmenting and anti-oxidant active ingredients are very well tolerated on the skin.
Reduces melanin deposits. Its dermocosmetic depigmenting active ingredients have a high skin tolerance; they reduce spots and delay their appearance.

– Improves the appearance of pigmentation spots and delays their formation.
Stimulates the cell cycle, combating the visible signs of photographic ageing of the skin.

– Antioxidant action that increases the vital capacity of the cell.

– Promotes epidermal renewal and the elimination of pigmented cells.

– The combination of different active ingredients allows a strong inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the process of melanin formation.


The combination of its active compounds has a powerful inhibitory activity of the tyrosinase enzyme, resulting in a reduction of pigment synthesis.

On the other hand, they promote degranulation and elimination of pigmented keratinocytes.


Mandelic acid 18

Lactobionic Acid 5

Phytic Acid 5

Kojic Acid 5

Glutathionic Acid 5

Tranexamic Acid 3

GHK Copper Peptide 0.05



ME LINE 02 allows less irritation, for more efficiency and protection


Mandelic acid increases the epidermolytic action of the different skin layers

Lactobionic acid changes the polarity of my skin and increases the protection of the skin barrier

Phytic acid allows the chelation of iron and copper on the active site of the enzyme

Gluthation inhibits tyrosine transport to premelanomosomes

Tranexamic acid inhibits plasminogen and deactivates tyrosinase. Its properties are non-inflammatory

Copper peptide neutralizes free radicals



Apply a small amount of the cream to clean, dry skin, massaging it into the skin in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. In case of tightness, apply a moisturizing cream on top

ME LINE 02 is applied daily before and after a treatment with ME LINE 01 for 60 to 90 days

It is applied in addition to the ME LINE 05 Home MASK once a week

ME LINE 02 can also be used as a maintenance treatment until the bottle is used up


IMPORTANT: always use a sunscreen with SPF 50+

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 30 cm


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