TABLET TRANEFIT 500 (10 Tablets)

TABLET TRANEFIT 500 (10 Tablets)


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Tranefit 500 contains Tranexamic acid as the drug.Tranexamic acid has been evaluated for the treatment of melasma in various formulations, including topical, intradermal, and oral. Tranexamic acid has been used for treating melasma due to its effect on decreasing the activity of tyrosinase and melanogenesis.It is a fibrinolytic agent that has antiplasmin properties. It has been hypothesized that TA can inhibit the release of paracrine melanogenic factors that normally act to stimulate melanocytes. Melasma is characterized by hyperpigmentation on sun-exposed facial skin, especially the cheeks, forehead, nose, and supralabial regions. Oral Tranexamic acid inhibits the action by melanocytyes. Shows better results in adjuvant to topical appliactions and in clinic procedures as suggested by the dermatologist

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